Teen Orthodontics

Giving Teens Healthy Smiles For Years To Come

Adolescence is one of the best times to start teen orthodontics treatment! During this time, your teen’s permanent teeth have erupted, but the bone is still developing and malleable. This makes it easier for braces and other orthodontic appliances to shift the teeth and jaws into alignment. A straighter smile not only can boost your teen’s confidence and self-esteem, but can set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

At Clemente Orthodontics, we are pleased to offer several teen orthodontics treatment options, including traditional braces, clear braces brackets and our specialty, Invisalign®. As the top Invisalign® provider in New York and New Jersey, we have extensive experience treating both teens and adults alike with Invisalign’s® comfortable, discreet and removable technology.

Why Orthodontic Treatment?

Many parents may wonder why their teen needs orthodontic treatment, especially if their teen’s teeth or jaw misalignment is not that noticeable. A straighter smile offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. Benefits include:

Having a straight smile can boost your teen’s self-esteem.

Straight teeth make it easier for your teen to properly brush and floss, improving their overall oral health

When the jaw is misaligned, the TMJ joint that connects the jaw to the skull can experience wear when biting, chewing and talking. Furthermore, a misaligned bite can put uneven pressure on the teeth, leading to tooth damage. A straighter smile with an aligned bite can prevent further dental issues in the future.

Does My Teen Need Orthodontic Treatment?

The best way to know whether your teen needs orthodontics treatment is to request a complimentary consultation with our team at Clemente Orthodontics at one of our three convenient locations. During your teen’s consultation, our team will complete a detailed evaluation of your teen’s teeth, jaw, bite and mouth to screen for misalignment and other orthodontic issues. Our team will also take digital X-rays and photos of your teen’s smile for evaluation. If your orthodontist determines that your teen is a good candidate for treatment, they will outline everything you and your teen can expect during orthodontic treatment, including service offerings, best practices, and treatment duration and cost.

Apart from an orthodontic consultation, there are a few ways to tell that your teen may need orthodontic treatment. Common signs include:

  • Crowded teeth

  • Teeth with gaps between them

  • Overbite

  • Underbite

  • Crossbite

  • Jaw pain

  • Difficulty chewing

  • Hesitancy to smile

If your teen is experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Teen Orthodontics Options

Clemente Orthodontics is pleased to offer several different teen orthodontics treatment options. These include:

Traditional, metal braces are a foolproof way to straighten your teen’s smile. Clemente Orthodontics uses micro mini braces brackets, which are 30% smaller than traditional brackets. These smaller brackets provide a more comfortable experience and are less noticeable, making the orthodontic process more appealing to self-conscious teens. Additionally, the reduced size of the brackets can help maintain better oral hygiene, as they make it easier to brush and floss around the braces. With advanced techniques and personalized care, Clemente Orthodontics ensures that your teen receives the best possible treatment for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Clear braces brackets are a great option for teens that want a straighter smile, without drawing too much attention to their braces. They are made of tooth-colored ceramic, rather than stainless steel. This allows them to blend in seamlessly with the natural color of the teeth, making them a more discreet choice. Despite their subtle appearance, ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces in correcting alignment issues. Additionally, they are designed to be durable and resistant to staining, ensuring that your teen’s smile looks great throughout the treatment process. With clear braces, your teen can feel confident in their appearance while achieving the beautiful, straight smile they desire.

Clemente Orthodontics is the #1 Invisalign® provider in New York and New Jersey! Invisalign® is made from medical-grade plastic, making aligners discreet and comfortable to wear. Teens can continue to participate in sports, play instruments and eat their favorite foods, all while getting a straighter, healthier smile. The aligners are also removable, which makes maintaining good oral hygiene much easier compared to traditional braces. This flexibility allows teens to brush and floss without obstruction, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease during treatment. With Clemente Orthodontics’ expertise and personalized care, teens can achieve their best smiles with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

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