Helping Your Smile Last a Lifetime

After receiving any orthodontic treatment, retainers must be worn to help keep your beautiful smile in place. At Clemente Orthodontics, we offer removable and permanent options. No matter which one you choose, our customized, durable retainers are personalized for your smile and made to last.

Benefits Of Wearing Retainers

You’ve worked hard for your smile, and you want it to last! Wearing retainers is an easy way to keep your smile from shifting over your lifetime. When correctly worn, they offer the following benefits:

Wearing your appliances as directed can help prevent a variety of problems associated with misalignment. Allowing your teeth to shift back can increase your risk of gum disease, tooth decay and more.

Your new smile is perfectly aligned and aesthetically pleasing. A retention device locks your smile in place, preventing your teeth from shifting back to misalignment.

You’ve invested time and money into your perfect smile. Retention reserves your investment, ensuring a beautiful smile for years to come.

Hawley Retainers

Our most popular option, the Hawley retainer, is removable and easy to wear. Made of acrylic or plastic and connected by a thin wire, the Hawley appliance fits snuggly along your teeth. It can be worn on either the top or bottom teeth.

At first, you will be instructed to wear them both day and night, except when cleaning or eating. Over time you will eventually transition to night-wear only. Hawley appliances can also be adjusted, making them a long-lasting method of retention. Patients report that this option is extremely comfortable to wear. This is also our most cost-effective and customizable option—it comes in over 40 colors!

Vivera Retainers

Made by Invisalign®, Vivera appliances are made of clear, durable plastic. Patients receive four full sets after completing their orthodontic treatment. This ensures that if or when a tray cracks or dulls, patients will have a new pair on hand that perfectly fits their smile.

Vivera wearers find these clear, wire-free appliances aesthetically pleasing and virtually unnoticeable for daytime wear. Patients may also find Vivera trays to be less bulky than other removable options.

Permanent Wire Bonded Retainers

Our permanent option consists of a thin wire that is cemented to the surface of the teeth. Patients almost always receive permanent appliances on the bottom teeth only. However, your orthodontist will help determine the best placement for your smile.

This retainer is a good option for patients with specific circumstances—those who cannot wear removable appliances or who have conditions such as crowding or a bite problem. Since this retention option cannot be removed, patients must maintain excellent oral hygiene habits such as precise brushing and flossing to keep it clean.

Many patients who have removable retention devices may forget to wear them—permanent options remove this problem entirely. Another advantage of this option is the inability to lose it, since it is permanently bonded to the teeth.

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